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best YouTube audio library songs


Have you heard of YouTube Audio Library? It’s a fantastic collection of audio tracks that includes music and sound effects, and you can use them in any of your videos without worrying about copyright issues or non-monetization. The best part is that all the sounds are available under a free-to-use license! You’ll find two main types of tracks in the library: free sound effects and music. So, go ahead and explore the YouTube Audio Library to add some amazing audio to your videos! In this article from Twilinstok online magazine, we are going to get to know 30+ best YouTube audio library songs that are trending.

Why Should We Use YouTube Audio Library Songs?

If you’re looking to make your videos more engaging and captivating, then incorporating sound effects and music is a great idea! A cool intro or a perfectly timed sound effect can take your video to the next level. Thankfully, YouTube has got your back with its free audio library, which is a fantastic resource for YouTubers. It includes a vast collection of music and sound effects that you can use in your videos without worrying about copyright issues.

Before getting familiar with the most popular YouTube Audio Library Songs, let’s see how to find, download and use them.

How to Download the Best YouTube Audio Library Songs?

For people who make videos, adding some great music takes it up a notch. High-quality stock music can help set the tone of your video, giving it that extra touch of class, professionalism, and whatever other qualities you’re going for. Plus, it can help smooth over any cuts in your voiceover and bring your footage together in a cohesive way.

The 1st Step: Tap on your YouTube profile to get started.

Tapping on your YouTube profile
Tapping on your YouTube profile

The 2nd Step: Select YouTube Studio.

Selecting YouTube Studio
Selecting YouTube Studio

The 3rd Step: Click on Audio Library.

Clicking on Audio Library
Clicking on Audio Library

The 5th Step: Now, you have access to two lists of thousands of music and sound effects that you can download any one you want.

Audio Library on YouTube
Audio Library on YouTube

The 6th Step: Save your favorite songs in the “Starred” section.

How to Download the Best YouTube Audio Library Songs?

Once you complete the mentioned steps, you can access a huge collection of songs in the YouTube audio library. You can download any song that matches the mood and genre of your videos and add it to your project. The library has filters that make it easy to find the music you want. In the audio library, the songs are sorted by mood, such as Dark, Dramatic, Bright, Sad, Angry, Happy, Inspirational, Calm, and Funky. As per genres, you can find songs of Alternative and punk, Ambient, Children’s, Cinematic, Classical, Hip-Hop and rap, Pop, Rock, and other popular genres. The library has thousands of songs in each category. So, you can use the filters to find what you need quickly.

Top Songs on YouTube Audio Library to Use

Here are 30+ best YouTube audio library songs in different genres:

Top Songs on YouTube Audio Library to Use
Top Songs on YouTube Audio Library to Use

The Best YouTube Audio Library Songs in Genre of Hip-Hop

1. Cool Revenge song by Jeremy Blake

2. Crock Pot song by Diamond Ortiz

3. It’s Only Worth It If You Work For It (Clean) song by NEFFEX

4. BitCoin song by Otis McDonald


The Best YouTube Audio Library Songs in Genre of Pop

5. Dove Love song by Quincas Moreira

6. Anxiety song by NEFFEX

7. As You Fade Away song by NEFFEX

8. Caballero song by Ofshane


The Best YouTube Audio Library Songs: Cinematic

9. Book The Rental Wit It song by RAGE

10. Savior song by Telecasted

11. Soothsayer song by John Patitucci

12. Missing Persons song by Jeremy Blake

13. Palace of Roses song by Aakash Gandhi

14. O Come All Ye Faithful song by DJ Williams


The Best YouTube Audio Library Songs in Genre of Rock

15. Dream It song by TrackTribe

16. Speak The Truth song by Go By Ocean / Ryan McCaffrey

17. Community song by TrackTribe

18. Sailing song by Telecasted


The Best YouTube Audio Library Songs: Ambient

19. Dreams Of River Ganga song by Hanu Dixit

20. Society’s Dream song by Mini Vandals

21. Lotus Pond song by Aakash Gandhi


The Best YouTube Audio Library Songs: Dance & Electronic

22. Catch Me If I Fall song by NEFFEX

23. Train Of Thoughts song by Hanu Dixit

24. Like It Loud song by Dyalla

Dance & Electronic

The Best YouTube Audio Library Songs: Classical

25. The Trapezist song by Quincas Moreira

26. Josef Suk, Serenade, Op 6 song by A Far Cry

27. Snowfall Butterflies song by Asher Fulero


The Best YouTube Audio Library Songs: Alternative & Punk

28. Inspired (Clean) song by NEFFEX

29. When You’re Not Looking song by Nathan Moore

30. Kurt song by Cheel

Alternative & Punk

We have introduced you the 30 best YouTube audio library songs in the form of a list, and now we want to share with you an extensive source for free song downloads. NEFFEX is a music group that creates a lot of songs and offers them for free to people who make videos. Bryce Savage started this project. They even have a special challenge where they release a new song every week, and all the songs they make for this challenge are free to use. The band has a YouTube channel with about 7 million people who follow them, and you can download their songs from their website neffexmusic.com [+].

In addition, TrackTribe is another active band in recent years. This band writes, performs, and produces high-quality original music in any context and for any occasion. Find their music in this link tracktribe.com [+].

If you are also good at producing music and want to add your songs to the list of 30+ best YouTube audio library songs, read the following article: How to add my music to YouTube audio library?

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The Bottom Line

In this article, we have listed +30 best YouTube audio library songs. The YouTube audio library is a fantastic resource that’s perfect for creators of all levels. It’s straightforward to use and navigate so that you can find the perfect music for your videos in no time! As soon as you open the library, you’ll be greeted by a clean and organized interface that’s a breeze to navigate. It’s like browsing your favorite music store but without any of the confusion or clutter. Plus, everything is clearly labeled and organized, so you can quickly find the perfect track to match the vibe of your video.

For more information about YouTube and the features of this social network, we suggest that you click on Free YouTube Tutorial [+]. Also, if you have any questions about YouTube, you can ask them in our YouTube support forum [+] in the form of a topic and wait for the answers from our experts.


Are the best YouTube audio library songs free to use?

Yes, downloading and using YouTube audio library songs is free, but be sure to check the license type of each song. Some songs are tagged with “Attribution not required” and others with “Attribution required”. If you choose a piece from the second model, don’t forget to mention its source.

What is the use of sound effects in the YouTube library?

If you want to enhance your video using sound effects, hundreds of suitable songs are in the sound effects tab. This library allows you to be exceptional with your sounds. For example, you can play a “knock on the door” sound when you say “someone knocked on the door at midnight” when describing a true crime case. Sound effects are categorized based on Track title, Genre, Mood, Artist name, and Duration.

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