How to add my music to YouTube audio library

How to upload music to YouTube Audio Library? [Step-by-Step Guide]


YouTube is one of the best platforms to share your videos. Not only do you upload your videos on it, but also you can benefit from songs and music in this platform, as the greatest source of music in the globe. Google company has designed YouTube Audio Library to aid those who want to create content and always need songs in different fields.

YouTube Audio Library has been made with 2 primary tabs and some different categories. Based on these categories, you can find what you want conveniently. One of the categories of the YouTube Audio Library is “Music“. In this tab, numerous music is on your access. You can choose those that are fit for your work. It is worth noting for each of which song, you can hear 30 seconds of each, and if you like it, next, you can download it.

Now, you might ask: “Can I add my favorite songs to the YouTube audio library?” The answer is “Yes“, you can add many songs and music to the YT Audio Lib. And the next question is: How to add my music to the YouTube Audio Library? In this article from Twilinstok, We would like to teach you How to upload music to YT Audio Library? so stay with us until end of this article.

How to add my music to YouTube audio library? [Complete Guide]

To add songs on YouTube, you can utilize 2 easy ways. In the following, we explain both methods, so stay with us until the end of this article.

Method 1

First, find the song you want to add. Next, open your YouTube Audio Library account and finally drag the music and drop it to your YT Audio Library surface, and now you have it in the YouTube Audio Library. Done! Let others Enjoy listening to it! 🙂

Tip: If you want to upload the song in the specific file, first open that category you want, and next, you can just go ahead and drag & drop the song there.

Method 2

This method has 5 steps:

  1. Go to website.
  2. Open your profile.
  3. Click on Upload music.
  4. Find your song on your computer or phone.
  5. Click on your song and add it to that surface you want.
YouTube Audio Library
YouTube Audio Library

You can use one of these methods and add a lot of songs to your YouTube Audio Library.

Tips to know about!

You should know about some restrictions in that field if you find your response to How to add music to the YouTube Audio Library.

  • That song or music you upload cannot be completed in the YouTube Music mobile app.
  • You just allow uploading up to 100,000 songs to your YouTube Audio Library.
  • You are allowed to upload music or songs to a personal channel, not a branding account.
  • Your music uploads will not come up in your music recommendations on YouTube Music.
  • That music or songs you have uploaded already can only be played by you, not other YouTube Audio users, even if you share your playlist with another user in the YouTube family plan.
  • You can play uploaded songs in the background, ad-free and offline – even if you do not currently have a YouTube Music Premium subscription.
  • You can create a new playlist that contains your uploaded music and songs on YouTube Music.
  • You are allowed to upload Metadata and Album Art. In contrast, video files and PDFs are not supported.
  • If the same content is uploaded multiple times, YouTube Audio Library will recognize those songs and then automatically remove duplicate copies from your library.

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Final Words

We recommend using the YouTube Audio Library if you decide to have a perfect collection of songs, music, and sound effect. This app has been launched for you to spend full of, amusing and enjoyable moments with your family and friends. In this essay, you got 2 methods in response to How to upload music to YouTube Audio Library.

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