YouTube algorithm explained and tips

YouTube algorithm explained


If you are one of those people who want to become a famous YouTuber and wish that your channel, on YouTube, attracts thousands or millions of real subscribers, and you are baffled by this question of how the YouTube Algorithm works? You have come to the right place. In this article from Twilinstok website, we are going to teach you several tricks to learn how to beat the YouTube algorithm in 2023, expand your channel according to the YouTube algorithm in 2023, and achieve high income through activity on this social network. So, stay tuned.

How can I become a famous high-income YouTuber?

Each social network has its own rules, constraints and algorithms. YouTube is no exception. So, in order to become a famous and rich YouTuber, you must first learn the rules of the game on this social network; Then win the game according to these rules and also with your own creativity.

In the following sections of this article, we will share the rules and YouTube algorithms 2023 with you so that you can become a famous and rich YouTuber based on them. By reading this article you will learn how to make the YouTube algorithm work for you. Please note that these algorithms have evolved over time and may be updated and developed over time. So, if you want to make money from this social network in the long run, you should always keep yourself updated and be aware of the YouTube algorithm 2023 changes.

What is the YouTube Algorithm?

As you know, YouTube was launched in 2005 and has been well-received by people all over the world. The thing about this social network is that its current algorithm in 2023 is not exactly what it was in 2005. In other words, these algorithms evolved over time, and their main focus was to help “improve the user experience.”

YouTube algorithm over time

As mentioned, YouTube algorithms were not as advanced at the beginning of the social network, and YouTubers who used to produce content on this platform in the past, if they produce content in the current era with the same rules, not only do they not earn much money, but YouTube may fine or penalize them. To understand this further, let’s take a look at the YouTube algorithm from the beginning until now.

youtube algorithm
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YouTube Algorithm from 2005 to 2012

From 2005 to 2012, YouTube algorithms focused solely on the number of clicks and views, giving higher-clicking and more-viewed videos higher revenue. But this issue was abused by the YouTubers of that time. They could use techniques that trick YouTube users so that they get more clicks and hits for their videos. This caused users to not have a good experience working with the YouTube application and to feel dissatisfied with working with it. For this reason, YouTube needed to change its algorithm to maintain its users and gain their trust.

YouTube Algorithm in 2012

In 2012, YouTube announced that it had updated its algorithm to prevent YouTubers from getting clicks and visits by abusing the YouTube users, as well as to improve the user experience. According to a new update announced on the YouTube algorithm that year (2012), Watch Time was very important because YouTube wanted people to spend more time on the platform. So, content creators on YouTube decided to make their videos longer, so that people would spend more time watching their videos, thereby increasing the time they spend watching videos to make more money; But the YouTube algorithm in 2012 also failed to improve the user experience and keep users satisfied.

YouTube Algorithm in 2016

In 2016, YouTube unveiled a new algorithm called “white paper” based on “artificial intelligence and deep neural networks” to further enhance the user experience. This algorithm was able to create a new wave in the online video market. Although in that year, several scientific articles were published on the details of artificial intelligence and neural networks of the new YouTube algorithm to help YouTube users build their videos based on it and earn a high income, but in all the terms that existed about that algorithm, understanding its meaning was complicated and confusing. So, even if you call your expert friend and ask him to explain to you what is in this algorithm? The best answer he could give you was that YouTube intends to improve the user experience based on user history! What lies behind the cover of YouTube 2016 algorithm is still a mystery; But we know for a fact that YouTube updated its algorithm that year (2016) based on users’ interest in valuable and addictive contents.

What happened to YouTube algorithm between 2016 and 2023?

There are a lot of questions about YouTube’s suggested videos which are based on its advertising algorithms. In order to increase the number of likes on YouTube, the creators of this platform found that the changes made to the algorithms in 2019, caused a reduction in viewing “borderline videos” by up to 70%.

You may be wondering what is meant by “borderline videos”? In response, it should be noted that a video may have been produced in accordance with all the instructions of YouTube and in compliance with all the rules of this social network, but nevertheless, it contains harmful and misleading information. These videos are called “borderline videos”.

YouTube CEO, Susan Wojciechowski, has said that YouTube is doing its best to prevent the release of dangerous and harmful information and content. For example, YouTube demonetized videos with new corona virus content based on its new algorithm, so that profiteers forget the idea of making money by spreading false news about important issues such as the Corona epidemic.

YouTube algorithms are changing dynamically, and if you want to continue as a content creator on YouTube, you need to be aware of the changes in these algorithms. As a content producer on YouTube, you need to follow the algorithms and guidelines set forth by this platform and not produce borderline videos so that you can get more views and ultimately monetize. If you do not adhere to these guidelines, it does not matter what numbers are recorded on your channel, how many views each of your videos on YouTube received, or how much is your Watch Time channel? As soon as there are more protests on your channel, YouTube will cut your revenue. Now we have to answer the question, after almost two decades, how does the YouTube algorithm work now?

What are the goals of the YouTube algorithm in 2023?

The YouTube platform in 2023 has two main goals:

  1. Find and show relevant and favorite videos based on each person’s personal interests and tastes.
  2. Keep people enthusiastic about the YouTube platform.

In addition to paying attention to how uploaded videos work and recording their results, the YouTube algorithm also monitors user behavior and searches. In this way, it regularly personalizes the videos it recommends to its users.

But how? Join us to investigate this.

How does the YouTube algorithm work in 2023?

YouTube shows videos to its users based on 6 factors:

  1. What videos do viewers watch and what videos do they not watch?
  2. How much time do they spend watching a video?
  3. What topics do they like and what topics do they not like?
  4. What kind of videos do they play “Not interested”?
  5. What videos did they rate?
  6. What channels do they follow?
youtube algorithm
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The impact of YouTube algorithm on search results

It is interesting to know that our search results affect the YouTube algorithm! For example, if you and your friend both search for the same title in a YouTube search box, you will see different results for you and your friend. Accordingly, the factors that make your video appear in the search results of YouTube users are:

  1. Comments, Likes and Watch Time of Your Video, which is considered a “general engagement“.
  2. The degree to which the title, keywords, and descriptions you put in your video match the search text the user has done. (It is worth noting that this information is considered “metadata“.)

The impact of the YouTube algorithm on suggested videos

In 2023, YouTube’s algorithm will go through a two-step process to offer video to users:

  1. Initially, it analyzes and ranks videos based on user performance data (popular and trending videos are a priority).
  2. Match the videos based on the search history and content that the user has already viewed.

With the help of these two processes, users’ favorite videos will be displayed more for them. This way, users will spend more time on YouTube and watch more ads. With this explanation, you will have a better understanding of YouTube 2023 algorithms and how they work to create a better user experience.

A content producer wants the YouTube algorithm to be in his favor, not against him. What do you need to do to be successful in this competitive and dynamic environment?

5 tips to make the YouTube algorithm work in your favor

Now we want to tell you 5 tips, with the help of which you can make the best use of the YouTube algorithm to grow naturally:

Important tips about the YouTube algorithm
Important tips about the YouTube algorithm
  1. Video descriptions are more impressive than you think.

The text you put under your uploaded video as a “description” is one of the most important parts of the YouTube video upload process. So, do not underestimate it by any means. In this regard, you should try to write an accurate and SEO-friendly text in the description of your video so that the YouTube algorithm can better and more accurately identify the purpose of your video.

  1. Be consistent and persistent.

Consistency means that any content you put on your channel is related to previous videos; in simple terms, you should try to find a coherent and relevant strategy for the topics of your videos. Consider, for example, a channel whose content is only about cell phones, or a channel that publishes content about food. In this way, you become a brand, and this increases the value of your channel in the eyes of the YouTube algorithm, and the YouTube algorithm recommends your videos to those who are interested in a topic related to or similar to your channel content.

  1. Optimize your video title and photo.

Metadata, descriptions you post, interactions with your video (such as comments) and other factors help you rank higher in users’ search results. But do not forget that it is not only you who have such a goal, but also other content producers on YouTube are pursuing the same goal. In addition, keep in mind that optimizing the title and attractive design for the video photo (Thumbnail) will help you to overtake your competitors. Moreover, try to include the keywords in the title in the video thumbnail.

In the meantime, you may be wondering if it all depends on the attractive video cover. I have to say no, it’s not like that. With the new YouTube algorithm, the click-through rate of your video is not very important; but, getting people more interested in your video is much more important. That means ten thousand people may click on your video but only a thousand people will like it. Also, keep in mind that choosing an unrealistic cover to increase the click-through rate of your video will cause people who may not be interested in the main content of your video and are simply attracted to your video cover to play it but not like it in the end. As a result, increased user views and dislikes will have a negative impact on your YouTube channel and videos.

Note: YouTube itself has suggested that you use the YouTube Analytics tool. This tool gives you compelling statistics so you can chart a better content path for yourself and your channel.

  1. Engage your audience.

Keeping the audience engaged means doing something to make them highly involved in your content. That means constantly watching, commenting and liking your videos. If you keep the user engaged for a long time, and people like your content, when you ask them to republish or comment on your video, they start spreading favorable information about your content. The impact of this type of advertising will surprise any content producer! Another way to increase user engagement is to invite them to watch other videos uploaded by you. This will allow them to use more and more of the content you produce. In other words, “more participation” equals “more visits”; More importantly, the YouTube algorithm is very smart and will notice your behavior and uptrend. Based on this, it will recommend your channel videos to others after a while. So, it can be said that as soon as your video is offered to other users via YouTube, you are halfway to success.

  1. Maintaining content relevance is your most important weapon.

The relevance of content produced on a channel or page is one of the most important factors that any social media, including YouTube, takes seriously. Have we seen how YouTube has grown its algorithm over the last 16 years? And the goal is to create an engaging and fluid user experience, and thus attract more users. So, if the content you produce lacks content relevance, you will be left out. So, to ensure success, make sure you maintain content relevance and consistency in your videos in the areas where you produce content (entertainment, education, beauty, technology, etc.).

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In the end…

One thing to keep in mind when becoming a famous and wealthy YouTuber is that the YouTube algorithm in 2030 will not be exactly the same as in 2023 (this year). So, most likely, you cannot make good money forever just by following the YouTube algorithm released in 2023. You need to be updated and learn the new algorithms of this social network every year in order to earn a good income from it in the long run.

More importantly, YouTube algorithms and artificial intelligence are developed to think just like humans, and to analyze channels accordingly. Do not forget that their goal is to “improve the user experience”. So, you have to put yourself in the place of YouTube algorithms and artificial intelligence and think like them. If you keep this in mind and act on it, updating YouTube algorithms in the future will definitely not have a significant impact on you and your channel.

It is recommended that you only pursue people’s interests and analyze your channel in such a way that people have a good experience watching your videos.

For more information about YouTube and the features of this social network, we suggest that you click on Free YouTube Tutorial [+]. Also, if you have any questions about YouTube, you can ask them in our YouTube help forum [+] in the form of a topic and wait for the answer of our experts.

We hope that by reading this article, we have been able to help you become a professional and lucrative YouTuber. Please give this article 5 stars if you wish.

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