How to trend on Twitter quickly? – the 20 definitive ways

20 Definitive Ways to Trend on Twitter


Almost, most of Twitter users want to be famous on Twitter and be a Trend, and the way to be a Trend on Twitter is by using hashtags; but there are many Hashtags on Twitter that compete with each other, and maybe you ask How to Trend on Twitter quickly? In this article from Twilinstok Online Magazine, we want to give you some tips and show you some ways to be a Trend on Twitter quickly.

Definition of Hashtag

First, let’s get to know what Hashtag is; Hashtag is like the Stamp. It means that when someone uses a hashtag on a tweet, other users can find, read and comment on it just by searching the Hashtag. For example, if you search #UN, Twitter will show you all the tweets with this Hashtag. There are many reasons for creating and using a hashtag, such as politics, comedy, movies, kinds of music, celebrities, sport match, etc. Twitter users search and use Hashtags to be up-to-date and participate in conversations about a specific subject; the main benefit of Hashtags is connecting people and users.

Sometimes Twitter users and influencers make a Hashtag, and the other users use that Hashtag, and that Hashtag gets Trend; but how? Let’s find out.

20 definitive ways to Trend on Twitter quickly

Getting Trend a Hashtag is not an easy way, but it’s possible; need to use below ways and tips:

  1. Be Active
  2. Post exclusive content
  3. Make people use your Hashtag
  4. Create the right Hashtag
  5. Create new Hashtag
  6. Use social network tools
  7. Add personality to your tweets
  8. Start an attractive conversation
  9. Use the Trend Takeover feature
  10. Don’t be so specific
  11. Post tweets at the right time
  12. Respond to mentions and quotes
  13. Encourage users to use your Hashtag
  14. Cooperate with influencers
  15. Get to know your audience and their interests
  16. Abandon the failed Hashtag
  17. Increase your Twitter engagement
  18. Buy Twitter Blue
  19. Create a public Hashtag
  20. Target large communities

Now let’s check these tips and ways to Trend on Twitter quickly.

Be Active

Twitter is all about interactions and connections, and any more active user on Twitter is more successful on this social network. One of the important factors to trend a hashtag is to be an active user on Twitter; the more be active on Twitter, you will get more interactions and connections with users on Twitter, who will use your Hashtag on their tweets.

Picture 01 – Be Active on Social Network
Picture 1 – Be Active on Social Network

Post exclusive content

Many users on Twitter copy other users’ content and use them to get more followers, but influencers and users who have many followers post exclusive content to trend a hashtag. If you want to trend on Twitter, you should post exclusive content by your Hashtag that attracts and involves other users; this will help you to trend your Hashtag on Twitter.

Make people use your Hashtag

Ask your friends and followers to use your Hashtag; you can ask them friendly or give away a prize to them by using your Hashtag or mentioning it.

Create the right Hashtag

To create a Hashtag, you should know what subjects or contents are popular on social networks and create or make a proper Hashtag for it. The main purpose of using Hashtags is to be up to date and participate in conversations, so to Trend a Hashtag, you should know the Hot or popular subjects, then create a Hashtag for it.

Create new Hashtag

One of the other ways to be Trend on Twitter quickly is by Creating a new Hashtag. All the Trending hashtags are new Hashtags, so if you want to create a Hashtag and Trend it, you must create a new hashtag and don’t use the old ones.

Use social network tools

Nowadays, there are many tools for social networks that help users to get famous and trend as soon as possible, such as analytics tools, advertisement tools, etc.

Add personality to your tweets

If you are a Twitter user, you should know by now that the most popular and trending contents are fun contents, and any user who takes themself too seriously on Twitter doesn’t get traction. So, if you want your Hashtag to get Trend on Twitter, adding some personality and humor to your Tweets is better.

Start an attractive conversation

Usually, Twitter users like to participate in conversations, so if you want other users to use your Hashtag, you must start an attractive conversation and use your Hashtag in there; by this way, they get to know your Hashtag, become attracted to it, and use your Hashtag in their tweets and conversations.

Use the Trend Takeover feature

Twitter has a very useful and helpful feature called “Trend Takeover”; using this feature, you can advertise your Hashtag on the “Twitter Trend” list.  This feature puts your Hashtag alongside Trending Hashtags without using any hashtags campaigns or interactions.

Don’t be so specific

Regularly, Generic hashtags are more popular and trending on Twitter, and whether your Hashtag gets more specific, it’s hard to get the trend. So, attention to creating a simple Hashtag.

Post tweets at the right time

If you want to trend on Twitter, you should know when to post your tweets. There are specific periods when more users are online and active on Twitter, so you should post your tweets and hashtags at the right time.

Respond to mentions and quotes

As mentioned earlier, Twitter is all about interactions and connections, so if you want to Trend your Hashtag, you must increase your interactions and connections. Respond to mentions and quotes to increase your interactions and start attractive conversations.

Encourage users to use your Hashtag

Influencers encourage users to use their Hashtags by giving away prizes or starting a hashtag campaign with the prize. So, one of the other ways to get Trend on Twitter is encouraging users to use your Hashtag.

Picture 02 – Encourage users
Picture 2 – Encourage users

Cooperate with influencers

One of the influencer’s income is advertising; you can pay influencers to use your Hashtag and advertise it. Cooperating with influencers is one of the other ways to get Trend your Hashtag.

Get to know your audience and their interests

We know that to achieve success on Twitter, you should increase your interactions, and to get more interactions; you must know your audience and their interests in creating content and posting on Twitter with your Hashtag.

Abandon the failed Hashtag

The social network is a cruel world, and if any hashtag fails in this world, it will die; so if you fail at any Hashtag, abandon it and create a new one. Don’t be afraid of leaving failed Hashtag.

Increase your Twitter engagement

One of the other organic ways to Trend your Hashtag is increasing your Twitter engagement. Being active on Twitter, responding to mentions and quotes, Buying Twitter Blue, using social network tools, etc., are growing Twitter engagement.

Buy Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is one of the useful features that help you to grow your account faster. If you don’t know What Twitter Blue is, recommend you to read “What Is Twitter Blue? How To Get It?”.

Create a public Hashtag

As mentioned earlier, specific Hashtags aren’t viral, and whether Hashtags are more Generic and public, they will trend faster. So if you want to Trend on Twitter, creating and using public and generic Hashtags is better.

Target large communities

Most users who create and Trend a Hashtag typically have over 50,000 followers. If you don’t have many followers on Twitter and want to trend your Hashtag, recommend you follow related influencers and accounts and target large communities.

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Final Words

Twitter is an extensive and popular social network, and there are many Trending Hashtags, but you can still Trend your Hashtags by using the above tips and ways. We hope you enjoyed this article, and if there are any questions about How to Trend on Twitter, mention it in the Comments. In the end, if you like this article, Please give us 5 stars.

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