how to get more followers on Twitter for free?

14 Golden tips to get more followers on Twitter


There are many types of social media platforms, that some of them are very popular; such as twitter. Many internet users are using Twitter Social Media by its mobile application or by using Twitter Web Page, and try to get more followers on this popular social media and become an influencer. As we know, there are many influencers in Twitter, but how they could get these followers? In this article of Twilinstok, we are going to show you How to get more followers on Twitter for free? If you like many other users, want to know how to get more followers on this popular social media, we invite you to stay with us until end of this article.

14 golden tips to get more Follower on Twitter for free

There are many techniques and tips to make a Twitter account interesting and get more follower on Twitter. in this part of the article, we want to share 14 tips to get follower on Twitter. these 14 tips are:

  1. Pin your best tweet on your account
  2. Complete your biography
  3. Use appropriate Twitter Profile picture
  4. Add location to your account
  5. Get Twitter verification badge
  6. Use your other social medias
  7. Use Twitter button on your website
  8. Make your tweets consistent
  9. Don’t retweet, make a quote
  10. Don’t use fake followers
  11. Use appropriate Hashtags
  12. Follow people
  13. Make interactions
  14. Use pictures and videos in your tweets

Now let’s check all above tips together. stay with us.

Pin your best tweet on your account.

Some of tweets are get more interactions (like: retweets, quotes, mentions or favorites or likes). These types of tweets should be pin on your account. Because these trend tweets are like your signature and other users by seeing your pin tweet and its interactions attract to your account. So, make sure that pin your best tweet on your Twitter account.

Complete your biography.

Don’t shy to introduce yourself and complete your biography on your Twitter account. For getting more follower on twitter, you should introduce yourself or your purpose of making this account by your biography section in Twitter account. First thing that all users are reading or attention in your account is your biography section. So make sure that you use proper keywords, Hashtags and information in your Twitter Account’s biography section.

It is worth noting that Twitter biography section is indexed by search engines, so it may be the first point people interact you.

Use appropriate Twitter Profile picture.

There are 2 type of strategies for choosing Twitter profile pictures:

  1. If you have a Twitter account for your business it’s better add your business logo for Twitter profile pictures.
  2. But if you have a personal account and want to become an influencer, it’s better use your own face and pictures for Twitter Profile picture.
Use appropriate Twitter Profile picture
Use appropriate Twitter Profile picture

Add location to your account.

One of the other important tips to get more followers on Twitter is adding location to your account. If you have a business account it’s better to add your business location in your Twitter account, and if you have a personal Twitter account, you should add your city living at or your hometown on Twitter location section.

Get Twitter verification badge!

At first, Twitter was going to provide the blue tick or verify Twitter tick to solve the confusion of people to find valid accounts. But it became a symbol of pride, and since 2019, the approval process has stopped. Currently, if you are using an iPhone, you can buy a Twitter blue tick by paying $8.

Use your other social media!

If you have accounts on other social media (like: Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok and so on), use them for introducing and advertising your Twitter account. For example, share a story on your Instagram account and invite your Instagram followers to follow you on Twitter, either. Syncing social media’s account and connect them together is one of the best ways to get more followers and become an influencer or growth your business.

Use Twitter button on your website!

Websites are one of the most important tools for Business Marketing and growth. If you have a business, you should make a website and add your social media link or button at your website. This action help you to get more follower on your social media accounts, especially on Twitter account.

Make your tweets consistent.

One of the other golden tips to get more followers on twitter is to tweet consistently. But don’t tweet back-to-back!! one of the mistakes in twitter is tweet back-to-back. For getting more followers on twitter is better to have a schedule for post your tweets. You should prepare your tweets and post them one-by-one and let all your followers see and read that tweet, then post your next one.

Don’t retweet, make a quote!

As we know, Twitter have 2 Repost options that called “Retweet” and “Quote”. to get more followers on Twitter, it’s better to Quote other tweets and then repost them on your account. By doing this, your account interaction will growth and you can get more real followers, not fake ones 😉

Don’t use fake followers.

There are many websites and applications that help users add many fake followers to their Twitter account. Using these websites and applications is a very bad idea! Because Twitter has complicated algorithms to find and suspend fake accounts, and if you have a lot of fake followers, Twitter recognizes your account as a Spam account and will suspend it.

Therefore, we highly recommend that you take more time, use the tips and get more real followers, not fake ones.
Don’t use fake followers
Don’t use fake followers

Use appropriate Hashtags.

Hashtags are one of the best tools for share your tweets and post in Twitter. To get more followers on Twitter, you should use appropriate Hashtags. Also, by using Trend Hashtags you can get more view and at the end, get more followers on your Twitter account for free.

Follow people!

No matter you have a personal account or business account on Twitter, you should find people who interested in your content or have a common interest with you and follow them. Following people and make interaction with them, help you to get more followers on Twitter.

Tip: Twitter has a limitation for following people at a day, and if you follow more than limited amount, your account will be locked and you can’t follow more people for hours or maybe days ahead.

Make interactions!

Twitter is all about interactions! The more people you interact with, the more followers you’ll get. This is a very simple rule. To get more interaction on Twitter, you should follow people, mention their tweets and quote them. By doing these simple actions consistently, you will get more real interactions that help you to get more follower on Twitter.

Use pictures and videos in your tweets.

We know that Twitter is a Text Based social media, but sometimes it’s better to Tweet some pictures or videos on your Twitter account. Some contents are better to post as a picture or video instead of text.

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Final Words

Twitter is a very popular social media and many people or Businesses are having an account on this platform and interact with other people or clients. Also, there are many influencers on Twitter that make money by this platform. In this article of Twilinstok Online Magazine, we provide some important tips and answers to the main question “How to get more Followers on Twitter for free?” and we hope you enjoyed by reading this article.

For more information about Twitter and the features of this social network, we suggest that you click on Free Twitter Tutorial [+]. Also, if you have any questions about Twitter, you can ask them in our Twitter help forum [+] in the form of a topic and wait for the answer of our experts.

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