How to make money on Instagram Reels in US?

How to get paid for Reels on Instagram?


Instagram is working on Instagram Reels Play Bonus Program to monetize Reels videos. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, previously announced that Instagram would be equipped with new Reels features that make it easier for Instagram users to earn money on Instagram. Actually, it seems that this social network is working on a new feature called “Bonuses” so that it helps top content creators to make money on Instagram Reels more efficiently. In this article from Twilinstok, we are going to teach How to make money on Instagram Reels in US. We will also answer the following questions:

  • What is the Reels bonus program?
  • How to enable bonuses on Instagram?
  • How do you activate Reels bonus on Instagram?
  • Who is eligible for Instagram bonuses?
  • Can I earn money from Instagram Reels?
  • How to earn money with Instagram Reels play bonuses as a creator?
  • How many views do you need to get paid for Reels?
  • When does Instagram pay you for Reels?
  • How do I withdraw my Reels bonuses?

Now come find out What is Instagram Reels Play Bonuses and How we can Make Money by this feature.

What are Instagram Reels Play Bonuses?

Instagram has announced that: “Reels Play Bonuses are opportunities for creators to earn money directly from Facebook and Instagram for creating content that their communities love.” To say this in a simpler language, you should know that as an Instagram content producer you can earn money from the number of views and plays you Reel videos get on Instagram.

What is the reason for introducing the Instagram Reels Play Bonus Program?

The high popularity of TikTok short videos encouraged Instagram to add a new feature called Reels. But the story doesn’t end here, and apparently, Instagram wants to reward the best Reels videos. Pictures shared by Alessandro Palouzi, one of the Instagram app researchers and developers, show that Instagram’s promises to add new features to make it possible to earn money from Instagram Reels are very close to becoming real. Facebook has decided to invest around $1 Billion to help content providers. In addition, the main purpose of Facebook is to compete with other social media such as TikTok. And encourage content creators to use Instagram Reels instead of TikTok videos.

Has the Instagram Reels Play Bonus Program been added to Instagram?

Of course, Instagram has not yet officially published this new feature around the world. The first information about this feature is the images shared by Alessandro Palouzi, indicating that users will access the Bonuses through the Creator menu. On this new page, users can view their progress and set goals. The Bonuses appear to be linked to Reels content and not ordinary photos, and may be rewards for users for the number of views, likes, comments, etc.

The issue of earning money from Instagram has been the focus of this social network for months, and Bonuses appear to be one of the possible solutions to this goal. This social network is developing new features, tools and capabilities to create a stronger place among users. Instagram is trying to make business owners who have recently joined the social network make good money through their store pages.

Which countries have access to the Instagram Reels Play Bonus Program?

You may now wonder about this question: is Instagram reel available in my country? And you might be looking for a list of countries where Instagram Reels are available. For now, it is going on trial only inside the U.S. But, it will spread all around the world very soon. We will provide you with the list of countries as soon as it is announced by Instagram.

Which countries have access to the Instagram Reels Play Bonus Program
Which countries have access to the Instagram Reels Play Bonus Program

Instagram Reels Play Bonus – A new way for content creators to make money on Instagram

Can I earn money from Instagram reels? If you are a content creator and producer on Instagram, you should know that a great opportunity has arisen. Instagram Reels bonuses are true. With this new feature, content producers will be able to earn money from Instagram Reels.

NOTE: You should know that the Reels play bonus program is only available to content producers in the U.S. If you are outside the U.S., be patient. I’m sure it will be available to you too, soon.

How do Instagram Reels Play Bonuses work?

One of the content producers on Instagram who has had an early access on the Instagram Reels Play Bonus features is Maddy Corbin. He has shared some useful tips about how to cash in the money he has earned from the Instagram Reels Play Bonus. So, you might ask: How do Instagram Reels play bonuses work? Read the following instructions:

  1. After you enable the Reels Play bonus and it is available on your Instagram account, Instagram will give you 30 days to get started.
  2. Then, Instagram will give you another 30 days days to earn the bonus.
  3. Note that during this period you can select as many Instagram Reels as you want to be considered for your bonus payout.
  4. When you decide to choose a Reel for the bonus program, you must choose Reels Play Bonus from the Bonuses page before sharing your Reel video.
  5. It’s done.

Who is eligible for Instagram Bonuses?

The amount of money that you earn depends on the performance of your Reels Videos and the number of views each video gets etc. In addition, there is an option named Performance Report where you can keep tracking your bonus progress. Although you may not be eligible to benefit from the Reels Play bonus program yet, now is a great time to start creating Reels videos. Because, in this way, when you get access to the Reels Play bonus program, which you will finally do, you will have a lot of good reel videos in hand so that you can earn money and a bonus from each one.

When the Instagram Reels Play Bonus becomes available to you, you will be eligible for an Instagram bonus. Note that you will only have 30 days. And your eligibility will expire by the end of this time. You should also note that the details of the bonus program may vary from user to user.

What are the Instagram Reels Monetization requirements?

How to earn money with Instagram Reels play bonuses as a creator? To earn money from Instagram Reels, you must have a business/creator account on Instagram. So, when you have access to the application, then, the only thing that you need to do is to share reels on Instagram and Facebook. How many views do you need to get paid for reels? If any of your Reel videos gets more than 1000 views/plays, Instagram will pay you. Here, we are going to teach you how to withdraw Instagram Reels bonuses. Follow these instructions:

First method

First, click on the notification you received. Then, set up or connect a payout account on Instagram for the Reels Play bonus program.

Second method

Go to Creator Studio. Then, Monetization. Next, Bonuses on your computer or Professional Dashboard, or Bonuses on your phone. In this step, you will need your tax form to set up a Payout Account. To view your payouts and manage settings for the payout account you set up, Tap Payouts on the professional dashboard. I think you have learnt your answer to: how do I withdraw my Reels bonuses?

What are invoices and remittances on Instagram payouts?

The record for al your earnings on Instagram is invoices. The confirmation that your payment has been issued and deposited to your selected payment account is called a remittance. An invoice will be sent to all Instagram content producers regardless of the amount of money they have earned. However, they only receive a remittance when they have earned at least $100.

Invoices are issued as a record of all earnings in a given month. A remittance confirms that your payment is issued and deposited to your selected payment method. They will also receive an email containing a PDF which has the record of both invoices and remittances.

One of the things that the owner of Facebook and Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg, has shown great interest in is a digital wallet called MetaPay. Instagram payments and receipts are supposed to be done through the MetaPay digital wallet. Of course, it is not yet clear when it will be implemented. However, they say Instagram will pay in USD using Meta. To convert it to your local currency, you have to go to your bank or PayPal account.

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In this article from Twilinstok, we tried to tell you everything about how to make money on Instagram Reels. Even though Instagram Reels Play Bonus Program hasn’t been available to people in countries other than the U.S., but you can start now and work on your Instagram reels videos. So, when you will be eligible to use this new Reels features, you have passed half the way. And you can earn money from your popular videos. I hope this article has been very useful for you.

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