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LinkedIn premium cost & benefits for job seekers


As a job seeker, you might wonder which LinkedIn Premium for a job seeker is the best for you. More than, if you are a job seeker and would like to upgrade your network on LinkedIn, the best option for you is a new account on the LinkedIn premium career.

Buying a LinkedIn premium career account helps job seekers create a highly effective connection between themselves and their potential employers. And we assure you this extra cost which they spend on LinkedIn premium worth’s it.

Also, it helps you get an undeniable advantage over the competitors, by giving additional tools to help you find a job or develop your industry.

What is LinkedIn Premium Career Plan? What are the features available in this plan? And what are its advantages for the network’s users?

In this article from “Twilinstok online magazine“, we’ll take a closer look at what’s included in the Premium Career plan and how it can help you achieve your professional aims. If you’re looking for a new job or just want to develop your current network, please stay with us until the end of this article.

What can I do with a LinkedIn premium career plan?

The LinkedIn Premium Career account is an ideal tool for you if you want to stand out in the hiring process or grow your network on LinkedIn. As may you have already heard about it, LinkedIn Premium is a paid version of LinkedIn that unlocks additional features that are not available in a basic free LinkedIn account.

 This premium plan has a lot of advantages and many people, for instance, newcomers and amateurs, and some individuals who tend to work with their own brands, can benefit from its fantastic features. you can work with the LinkedIn premium career features to introduce your brand without having any problems.

In the following section, we will describe the features of LinkedIn premium for job seekers.

LinkedIn premium career plan
LinkedIn premium career plan

Who is LinkedIn premium career plan good for?

The LinkedIn premium career is the newest version of LinkedIn premium for job seekers that has been revised to help people find a job.

The good news is that these people can be divided into three main groups, and they all can benefit from LinkedIn premium career plan. The first group of people is jobless, and the second group maybe is searching to achieve their dream job, the third group seeks to gain a better financial position by finding a part-time jobs besides their main jobs.

LinkedIn premium features for job seekers

We will point out several features of the LinkedIn premium career plan to help you gain your professional goals.

  1. When the LinkedIn premium career is active for you, your profile has a badge and, you stay at the top of a search list.
  2. Receive 5 InMail credits every month that you can use to send invitations to recruiters or business owners that are hiring.
  3. LinkedIn premium for job seekers is free for only one month, and after that, you must pay to get an active account. There are two methods that are dependent on what you choose: monthly and annually.
  4. One of the best features of LinkedIn Premium Career is that you do not have to see any ads on the site. You can completely pay attention to your job search without being distracted by ads.
  5. You can see those people who visited your profile in the last 90 days, even if they used a private search.
  6. You gain access to Applicants insights. It means the feature on a LinkedIn premium career that allows you to see the comparison of your rank to other job applicants.
  7. The Salary insights feature on LinkedIn premium for job seekers allows you to see salary details before applying for a job.
  8. When you have a LinkedIn premium career account, you are among the first applicants that recruiters see. Enhance your chances of being hired.
  9. When you have a LinkedIn premium career, also you can use all Features on LinkedIn premium Learning. It helps you constantly boost your skills to get a better job.
  10. This feature allows you to create a badge on your profile picture and search results. You can turn on this feature as a premium member through the settings page. The benefit of having a badge on your profile picture is that it helps you stand out from other job seekers and lets people see your profile easier than other applicants.
LinkedIn premium features for job seekers
LinkedIn premium features for job seekers

Compare LinkedIn free and LinkedIn for job seekers

We will illustrate a table that compares LinkedIn free and LinkedIn premium career.

Table 1- Basic vs. Premium
Account TypeSee Who is Looking at YouCan Send and Receive InMailBuild Your Own ProfileBuild a Network
BasicSee 5 views in the last 90 daysCan only receiveYesYes
Premium CareerYes (in the past 90 days)BothYesYes

Now it is time to make a decision wisely. You are familiarized with the features of LinkedIn premium for job seekers, and you have determined your goal/goals. Select the best option to improve your financial situation.

Final word

We have attempted to point out all features on LinkedIn premium for job seekers to help all people use it easily and be on the path of progress. Also, we hope this article was useful. If you are satisfied with reading the article, please give it 5 stars and share it with your friends.

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