LinkedIn premium cost table and pricing plans

LinkedIn premium pricing plans + cost table


LinkedIn premium is a popular platform for work and income. All people have access to it around the world. Indeed, LinkedIn is designed in different versions, each of which does specific activities. Also, some of them are based on teamwork, and some of them are just for individuals. Do you know which versions are good for you? Do you know how much you should pay to buy an account? The answers to these questions and other questions are here. Stay with us until the end of this article from “Twilinstok online magazine“.

As a professional, student, business owner, job seeker, or freelancer, you can run a free LinkedIn account to enjoy the basic features and benefits. But soon, you start to experience the limitations of a free account. And you may want to upgrade your account to a premium LinkedIn to overcome those restrictions and get more opportunities. Everyone wants to promote work activities, extend their networks, and bring more opportunities in their work life to make more money. You can buy a subscription for that one you want, and get rid of all limitations.

LinkedIn premium pricing plans

In this part, we want to discuss LinkedIn premium pricing. First of all, you should know about all versions of LinkedIn Premium, so we briefly mention them.

All Versions of LinkedIn
All Versions of LinkedIn

LinkedIn basic account

this platform is the most common account, and if you are a beginner, it is the best option. The target of designing the tool has been that you become familiar with new technology, and create your network, also hone your knowledge in that field. Besides all reasons, you can realize which one of the premium versions is good for your plan or activities in the future.

The excellent news is that LinkedIn basic is free, and you can get help to do your work.

LinkedIn learning (for students)

This platform is designed for those who want access to so many podcasts and videos in all fields (arts, sciences, handicrafts, business, life, technologies, industries, etc.) with experts in the real world, and they share a lot of experiences and knowledge. LinkedIn premium learning (for students) is the cheapest version of them. You pay 29.99$ per month.

LinkedIn premium career (for job seekers)

this app is prepared for those who want to find a suitable job or sometimes they have decided to enhance their revenue. So, if you’re going to send resumes to business owners and companies, you have to pay 39.99$ to buy the subscription monthly. If you intend to stay on this platform for a long time, you should pay 423.88$ annually.

LinkedIn premium business (for owners’ business)

If you manage your own business or you work with your brand, LinkedIn premium business is good for you. Because you can benefit from the reports and use the practical strategies to develop the network and connect with leads. The LinkedIn premium Business pricing is 59.99$ per month.

LinkedIn premium sales navigator (for sales)

If you are professional salers, it is the perfect tool to help you. LinkedIn premium sales navigator is designed to help you extend your network, identify potential clients, and increase your income. There are three levels in this version with different prices, including:

  • LinkedIn premium sales navigator professional (core) subscription, you pay 99.99$ per month.
  • LinkedIn premium sales navigator team (Advance) subscription, you pay 149.99$ per month.
  • LinkedIn premium sales navigator enterprise (Advance plus) subscription, you pay based on your business or sales (custom pricing).

LinkedIn premium recruiter (for hiring)

This platform can help those who want to find a professional workforce and recruiter agency. LinkedIn premium recruiter is an assistant for your human resources experts. There are two levels in this version with different prices, including:

  • LinkedIn premium recruiter subscription, you pay 8999$ annually.
  • LinkedIn premium recruiter lite subscription, you pay 2399$ annually.
LinkedIn pricing plans
LinkedIn pricing plans

LinkedIn premium cost table

In the table1, you can compare all types of the LinkedIn premium cost for monthly or annually subscriptions.

LinkedIn PlansMonthlyAnnually
LinkedIn basic (free)FreeFree
LinkedIn premium learning29.99$239.88$
LinkedIn premium career39.99$423,88$
LinkedIn premium business59.99$575.88$
LinkedIn premium sales navigator team (advanced)149.99$
LinkedIn premium sales navigator professional (core)99.99$779.88$
LinkedIn premium sales navigator enterprise (advanced plus)Custom pricingCustom pricing
LinkedIn premium recruiter lite2399$
LinkedIn premium recruiter8999$

Table description: The price of all kinds of LinkedIn premiums.

Tip: LinkedIn premiums are free for a month. Seven days before your subscription is over, it sends a reminder message to you.

Final word

We live in a rapidly changing world and must adopt ourselves with it. LinkedIn premium is one of the tools that help us to achieve our goals, as well as many features that improve your financial position. Also, you have access to many Learning videos and courses that can help you to gain your aims. LinkedIn premium is an excellent platform to focus on your work life. We recommend if you are going to buy subscriptions, read about them and find the one that is good for you. We attempt to explain the LinkedIn premium pricing. If it was useful to you, please share it with your friends and give us 5 stars.

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