How to Prevent Instagram Hack? | Step by Step Tutorial

How to Protect your Instagram Account from Hackers?


Experiencing a hack on social media is unfortunately a common occurrence. While promoting your brand online can yield numerous benefits, it also exposes you to additional risks. This is particularly true for those who use Instagram for business purposes. Therefore, it is important to learn How to Prevent Instagram Hacking and other social platform? Stay with us in this article from Twilinstok online magazine.

The Importance of Keeping Instagram Safe and Secure

You may believe that if you have a basic personal account with only a few followers, your page is safe from hacking. However, this is not the case. Even small accounts are targeted by hackers who aim to use them for sending spam messages and generating fake followers, not just high-profile bloggers and influencers. So it is essential to learn how to prevent your Instagram account from getting hacked. Let’s read more convincing reasons.

  1. It’s essential to be aware that any Instagram account can be vulnerable to hacking, which may result in the account being used to send spam messages. In some cases, these spam messages can lead to increased earnings for a company. However, it’s important to note that there are limits to the number of direct messages (DMs) that can be sent, and exceeding these limits can result in the account being banned. It’s unethical for a company to hire hackers in order to gain access to accounts and increase their profits. However, there are companies that violate ethical principles and endanger the secure Instagram login for users.
  2. There are potential risks of blackmail and rivalry on Instagram. Hackers may gain access to private messages or photos that you keep hidden from the public eye, which could be used against you for blackmail. Additionally, rivals may try to obtain these photos or messages in order to damage your reputation. It is essential to be cautious and protect your personal information on social media platforms.
  3. Compromising financial information is another reason for learning how to keep Instagram safe and secure. For instance, hackers can use your usernames and passwords to access your accounts on other websites. They can also use your bank card details to make unauthorized purchases. This is particularly worrisome in our current world, as the proliferation of artificial intelligence tools has made your personal information even more valuable to scammers and criminals.

There are other reasons for sure, but the ones mentioned are the most common. Regardless of your situation, it’s important to protect your Instagram account from hackers in order to keep it secure. Here’s how to protect your Instagram account from being hacked and safeguard your personal information on social media.

How to Protect Instagram Account from Being Hacked?

While it’s impossible to guarantee the prevention of an Instagram account getting hacked completely, there are measures that can significantly reduce the risk. To protect your data from hackers, consider following the recommendations listed below:

  1. Refrain from using third-party applications
  2. Create a secure and robust password
  3. Turn on two-factor authentication
  4. Do not save your passwords in web browsers and apps
  5. Make sure to keep your email safe from hackers

Now let’s check these 5 tips to prevent Instagram account hacking.

Tips for How to Prevent Instagram Hack
5 Tips for How to Prevent Instagram Hack

Refrain from using third-party applications

If you want to learn how to avoid getting hacked on Instagram, in the first step, we recommend you never log in to any third-party applications. Be cautious of third-party apps that claim to boost your followers or reveal hidden information about other users. In reality, many of these apps are ineffective and may even compromise your account’s security by requiring you to log in with your Instagram credentials. To determine if an app is trustworthy, look for SSL encryption as a key indicator. If an app lacks this feature, it’s best to avoid it altogether to safeguard your Instagram account against hacking attempts.

Create a secure and robust password

To ensure your Instagram account is safe from hackers, it’s crucial to create a strong and unique password. An effective password should include a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Additionally, the longer the password, the more difficult it will be for hackers to crack it. Using a password generation service can help you quickly create a strong and unique password. Remember to save the password in a secure location, such as your Google account or a written note, to prevent losing or forgetting it. Once you’ve created a strong password, update it in the settings to ensure your account remains protected.

Turn on two-factor authentication

Using two-factor authentication is a genius answer for how to protect an Instagram account. This security feature was introduced in the 2010s to provide added protection for personal data on social media platforms. Instagram also offers this feature, which allows you to receive special codes on your phone to access your profile. By adding your phone number, only you can log in, as no one else will have access to the codes sent to your mobile.

Turn on two-factor authentication
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Do not save your passwords in web browsers and apps

Note that many browsers and apps automatically save passwords, making it easy for anyone with access to your device to log into your account. While some users prefer password and login information to be saved for convenience, this can make it an easy target for hackers. It’s not a major issue if you only use your personal computer, tablet, or smartphone to surf the web, but it can be problematic if you’re using someone else’s device.

To protect your Instagram account from hackers and nosy individuals, ensure that your passwords aren’t saved when you’re using someone else’s device. You can adjust this setting in your account settings. Additionally, always remember to log out of your Instagram account before returning the device to its owner. This will help prevent any potential hacking attempts.

Not saving passwords in web browsers, applications, and other people’s devices is the most basic answer for how to prevent Instagram hacking.

Make sure to keep your email safe from hackers

Your email is frequently used as the primary method for setting up a profile on social media and regaining access to it. If a hacker access to your email in a glimpse, you see your Instagram hacked and your email changed. It’s important to keep your Instagram account safe from potential hackers who may change your password and use your account without your permission. Although you can regain access to your account later, it’s best to prevent this situation from occurring altogether.

To avoid email hacking, we recommend creating a unique and lengthy password that includes a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Never share your password with anyone, and always remember to log out of your email and avoid saving passwords on browsers and apps.

In addition, it’s crucial to protect your personal information by not sharing your email address with strangers or individuals you don’t trust. If someone knows your email address, they have half of the information needed to gain access to your Instagram or email account, which could lead to potential exploitation by hackers.

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The Bottom Line

In today’s digital age, hackers possess various cunning techniques. As a user, exercising caution and staying ahead of their tactics is crucial. One thing to watch out for is the possibility of stolen Instagram accounts being misused for promoting other accounts. Cybercriminals or their clients can take control of compromised accounts to like, repost, and comment on the pages they intend to promote. Stay vigilant to avoid falling prey to such schemes.

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How to Recover Hacked Instagram Account?

In the event that a hacker changes your password, don’t worry – you can still request a login link as long as your email or phone number is still associated with your account. Even if the hacker has removed your phone number and email, you can still log in by using your Facebook ID, provided that you have linked your account in the past.

How to Protect Instagram Account?

For having secure Instagram login and to prevent Instagram hack make sure to use a strong password and enable two-factor authentication to keep your accounts safe. Avoid using third-party apps and refrain from saving passwords in your browsers and apps. Additionally, take measures to protect your email from potential hackers.

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