how to schedule posts on LinkedIn? – 7 tools to do this

The best tools for scheduling posts on LinkedIn


Nowadays, utilizing work-oriented social networks is one of the ways to expand business; In fields of business, LinkedIn is one the most popular platforms. Therefore, you might create a LinkedIn page for your brand or company. Also, you create unique and attractive content with spending money and mighty staff. All these are great! But, analyzing feedback from your audiences on LinkedIn is one of those things you should do carefully.

In the article “the best and worst times to post on LinkedIn“, We mentioned which days and hours are good to post on LinkedIn to make more impact on clients and also create more engagement. Considering all the factors in that article, the need to be able to share the content you have already created at the appointed time and without delay and present it to your work page is important more than ever.

Sometimes, you have a busy week and forget to post your content on LinkedIn. In this article on the online magazine Twilinstok, we learn how to schedule a post on LinkedIn and plan posts on LinkedIn. In addition, you maximize your page efficiency on LinkedIn without any concern. Please, stay with us until the end of this article from “Twilinstok“.

Is it possible to plan and schedule posts on the LinkedIn page?

You can automatically and gradually release (at different times) the collections of your content created in your free time based on your time schedule instead of all at once. For this easy task, you can benefit from any third-party tool (a third-party developer community is integrated to do this work).

We will explain how to schedule posts on LinkedIn. But before that, we will demonstrate why you should set up a scheduling system for posting content on LinkedIn to get more familiar with scheduling posts on social networks and getting highly-motivated to do this.

planning and scheduling to post on LinkedIn
planning and scheduling to post on LinkedIn

Benefits of using a schedule to post on LinkedIn

You learn more about scheduling LinkedIn posts, you will understand more the advantages of having it. In this part, we will mention several benefits of scheduling posts on LinkedIn.

  • you can preserve a steady and regular rhythm to release posts on LinkedIn. When you produce and schedule content, it can be ensured to utilize the best times and weekdays to post on LinkedIn, and it can also review and reform them if they have any defects. Another excellent and important impact on your company page is not only it can enhance your engagement between users and clients but also it will attract new clients by producing content regularly.
  • you can minimize your mistake in creating content. It is not very strange if you or your busy team forget to post content regularly and on time on LinkedIn. Problems or disorders in your work might occur, the internet cuts off, your computer doesn’t work well etc…. All these factors may cause you to be unable to publish the post that you have prepared with effort and expense at the best time and renders you unable to achieve the desired results from its publication.
  • You can maximize your team or company’s efficiency. If you are lucky, you will not face any problems, and you will be able to post content on time. You need to allocate some staff time and focus on publishing content, decreasing you and your team’s efficiency. But you can utilize your time more efficiently if you schedule your content on LinkedIn; moreover, you will be able concentrate on other projects. Apart from all these mentioned benefits, with scheduled posts on LinkedIn, your work becomes more convenient and optimal, especially when your content production teams work with several social networks.

7 tools to schedule posts on LinkedIn

Below, 7 practical tools to schedule posts on LinkedIn will be introduced. It is worth noting that these tools are known as third-party tools.

The best tools to schedule posts on LinkedIn
The best tools to schedule posts on LinkedIn

The 1st tool to schedule posts on LinkedIn: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the management and marketing platforms on social networks. It has a central dashboard where all your channels concentrate in one plot with several columns. Based on this, monitoring and engagement will be easier.  And also, you can utilize synchronizing your user accounts and company pages on LinkedIn to schedule posts on LinkedIn. It is necessary to say that this tool is used to post text files, photos, or even videos separately or all at once. Further, Hootsuite has many professional options to measure and analyze results. To use this tool, just click here [+].


The 2nd tool to schedule posts on LinkedIn: Sprinklr

Sprinklr is a cloud-based customer experience platform for managing social networks for clients who own an organization. This tool is compatible with LinkedIn social network to get reports and schedule posts on LinkedIn. Additionally, Sprinklr would help your team by offering multi-layer permissions. To use this tool, just click here [+].


The 3rd tool to schedule posts on LinkedIn: HubSpot

HubSpot is a tool for marketing on social networks and advertising management. You can use this tool to schedule posts on LinkedIn. HubSpot benefits from Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In addition, you can utilize many features and insights to gain more information about your clients and use it for analyzing post feedback to achieve your targets. To use this tool, just click here [+].


The 4th tool to schedule posts on LinkedIn: Buffer

One of the tools to manage social networks that present an intuitive and efficient interface to users is Buffer. Buffer is easy and convenient to use. For this reason, it is easy and quick to learn to utilize this tool to schedule posts on LinkedIn. To use this tool, just click here [+].


The 5th tool to schedule posts on LinkedIn: Salesforce

Another tool to manage and schedule posts on LinkedIn is Salesforce. This tool has presented many features, including software, CRM, customer service, marketing automation, analysis, and applied program development. To use this tool, just click here [+].


The 6th tool to schedule posts on LinkedIn: Khoros

Khoros is another tool for scheduling posts on LinkedIn. It is worth saying that Khoros functions similarly to Sprinklr. Indeed, Khoros is used by organization companies for the purpose of management and marketing on social networks. Also, this tool is a powerful platform for intuition analysis to schedule posts on LinkedIn. To use this tool, just click here [+].


The 7th tool to schedule posts on LinkedIn: Sprout Social

The latest tool introduced to schedule posts on LinkedIn is Sprout Social. This tool is helpful in managing and optimizing social networks. By using this tool, you can edit the photos of your posts and organize the posts by providing permission for different departments of the content production teams for further evaluation and organizing purposes. To use this tool, just click here [+].

Sprout Social
Sprout Social

More advantages of using third-party tools are introduced

Tools Introduced above, not only have the feature to schedule posts on LinkedIn but also have other practical features. In the following, some of them are brought to you.

  • Engaging followers and responding to comments
  • Tracking brand mentions and important conversations
  • Analyzing metrics and results

Meanwhile, most of the tools mentioned in this article offer a free plan. As you might know, they do not have the same features. First, you should test a few of them and specify the best tool for your brand or business. Please remember that these tools will be handy for organizing your content strategies on the LinkedIn social network.

Final word

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks today. Although job seekers are the majority of this platform’s users, small and large companies, brands, and organizations are active on LinkedIn to find employees, advertise and even sell their products by creating content.

The important factor in creating LinkedIn content by business pages and companies is scheduling posts to release on social networks. So, in this article, we tried to bring forward some prevalent and valuable tools that have coordinated with LinkedIn.

For more information about LinkedIn and the features of this social network, we suggest that you click on Free LinkedIn Tutorial [+]. Also, if you have any questions about LinkedIn, you can ask them in our LinkedIn support center [+] in the form of a topic and wait for the answer of our experts.

We hope that by publishing this article, Valuable information has been provided to you. If you are satisfied, please share it with your friends on social networks and send your comments to us. Thanks for your time.

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