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"LinkedIn premium recruiter lite" VS. "LinkedIn premium recruiter"


If you work for a big company as a human resources expert or always have to find the best candidates, or you might need professional staff and work teams, the best solution for all your different situations is here. Fortunately, LinkedIn has several versions that each of which can help you to solve a specific problem, and one of them is the LinkedIn premium recruiter for hiring new staff and finding suitable options to choose for your vacancies.

LinkedIn premium recruiter is one of the most excellent tools in the world for finding the best job seekers, and also, for those firms frequently announce wanting to complete their human resources. This app offers significant help in identifying qualified candidates, so we recommend that you should read this article and become more familiar with the top features of the LinkedIn premium recruiter plan. Please stay with us until the end of this article from “Twilinstok“. We hope it will be helpful.

What can I do with the LinkedIn premium for recruiters?

LinkedIn premium recruiter is the best assistant for human resources expert of your company. It has more than 1.6 million active users across the globe. In contrast, around 40 million people search for jobs each week. It means you have access to a workforce with various skills. If you work in a recruitment agency, this brings a massive opportunity to achieve many resumes and have a range of different job seekers with various levels of skills worldwide.

 The platform helps you to react quickly to send answers to the owners of the companies. And find qualified individuals to introduce to employers. Besides, you enhance your income. On the other hand, you can reduce your cost of finding the staff and also save time.

LinkedIn premium for recruiters
LinkedIn premium for recruiters

Types of LinkedIn premium recruiters

The LinkedIn premium recruiter has two types that differ in some of their features. The two platforms are called:

  • The LinkedIn premium recruiter
  • The LinkedIn premium recruiter lite
Types of LinkedIn premium recruiters
Types of LinkedIn premium recruiters

The features on LinkedIn premium for recruiters

  1. Receive 30 InMail credits every month to send messages to people who you have never connected with them.
  2. You can see those people who visited your profile in the last 90 days, even if they used a private search.
  3. Advanced candidate tracking is another feature on LinkedIn premium recruiter lite that can inform you that a candidate is available for a new job.
  4. 20 Advanced Search filters are available, which are made especially for recruiters and finding ideal candidates.
  5. Turn on Smart Suggestions which will help you to find candidates that are suitable for your desired profile.
  6. You have the best platform to manage all hiring data in one place.
  7. Send invitations to interviews makes connecting with candidates faster and inviting them to interviews easier.
  8. Unlimited people browsing allows you to view unlimited profiles from search results and suggested profiles up to 3rd-degree connections.
  9. Unlimited people browsing allows you to view unlimited profiles from search results and suggested profiles up to 3rd-degree connections.
  10. You can create and Customize Job descriptions to attract the best candidates.

LinkedIn premium recruiter lite has all the features we mentioned for the LinkedIn premium recruiter, but it has some others. In the following, we will point them out.

Differences between the LinkedIn premium recruiter lite and LinkedIn premium recruiter

We have prepared the table to show you the difference between the LinkedIn premium recruiter and the LinkedIn premium recruiter lite. You can see some of them in table 1.

featureRecruiterRecruiter Lite
AccessibleMore than 550 million active members on LinkedIn, plus find, connect and manage candidates (full access to the entire network)Up to your 3rd-degree connection
SeatIndividual and teamIndividual
Search filter40+ filters20+ filters
Open to connecting work filterYesNo
InMail Messages per month15030
InMail pooling access your accountYes (to Utilize more InMail credit)No
Free collaborator licenses for hiring managers or clientsYes- 20 per recruiter licensesNo
Applicant tracking system (AST) integrationsYes- 28+ATS partnersNo
Table description: Differences between the LinkedIn premium recruiter lite and LinkedIn premium recruiter

Final word

With the LinkedIn premium recruiter, cut down your hiring time and benefit from the most extended professional network globally. The platform can help you to recognize fit job seekers and have a functional interaction with them. Also, it would help you to use this tool to hire the best candidates for your work and others. Using it appropriately, you will increase your income. If it was useful to you, please share it with your friends and give us 5 stars.

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