Will YouTube bring back dislike button?

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      Hello. I’m a YouTuber and I recently noticed that YouTube has removed the dislike button for videos?
      Does anyone know that will youtube bring back dislike button?

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      Hello Jonathan, yes, it’s true that YouTube has been experimenting with removing the dislike button on videos for some users. However, it’s important to note that this is not a permanent change and YouTube has not announced any plans to completely remove the dislike button at this time.

      The reason for this experiment is to see if removing the dislike button can help reduce the impact of targeted campaigns of dislikes against certain creators or videos, which can harm the content and discourage creators. However, YouTube has also stated that they are aware of the importance of the dislike button in providing feedback and are actively monitoring feedback from users during this experiment.

      It’s worth noting that even if the dislike button is removed, users can still provide feedback through other means, such as leaving comments, reporting videos, or simply choosing not to watch or engage with certain content. So, while the dislike button can be a useful tool for expressing disapproval, it’s not the only way to provide feedback on YouTube.

      In summary, at this time, it’s unclear whether YouTube will bring back the dislike button or not, but they are monitoring the impact of this experiment and gathering feedback from users.

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