Why is Google not indexing my forum?

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      Hi everyone, I have a website that I have been working on for almost a year. I keep publishing new articles on my website. Normally Google indexes my new articles in a few days or weeks.

      I also have a few forums on my website. The same goes with indexing my forums by Google. However, I added three new forums on my website about two month ago, non of them have been indexed by Google!

      I don’t know why Google doesn’t index my forums anymore. Why is Google not indexing my forum? Is there any specific reasons for my forums not being indexed by Google?

      In my new forums there are some topics that google has indexed them, but I don’t understand why google doesn’t index the forums themselves?

      If you know any solution for my problem with Google not indexing my forums, please help me.

      Thank you all in advance.

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