Why Did YouTube Remove Dislike Feature?

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      Fellow forum members, I find myself pondering a recent change on YouTube that has left me intrigued and seeking answers.
      Why did YouTube remove dislike feature? As an user of YouTube, I often rely on the dislike button to provide feedback on videos that I find misleading, low-quality, or simply not to my taste. It has been a valuable tool in expressing my opinion and contributing to the platform’s overall content quality. However, in recent times, I noticed that the dislike count was no longer visible on certain videos.

      After some research, I discovered that YouTube had indeed removed the public display of dislikes. This raised a myriad of questions in my mind. Why did YouTube decide to make this change? Was it an effort to protect creators from potential harassment or discourage targeted mass-disliking campaigns? Or were there other considerations at play? I turn to you, my fellow forum members, for insights and perspectives. What are your thoughts on YouTube’s decision to remove dislikes? Do you believe it will have a positive impact on the platform and its users, or do you see potential drawbacks?

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      Hello Matthew! The removal of the dislike count on YouTube has been a topic of discussion among users and creators. While no one doesn’t have access to YouTube’s internal decision-making processes, I can provide some insights into the possible reasons behind this change.

      YouTube’s decision to remove the public display of dislikes is primarily aimed at addressing concerns related to harassment, targeted campaigns, and the potential negative impact on creators. Here are a few reasons that have been suggested:

      1. Protection against harassment: Dislike counts can be used as a tool for harassment and online bullying. By removing the public display of dislikes, YouTube aims to reduce the potential for targeted attacks and discourage the misuse of the dislike button to harm creators.
      2. Reducing the impact of mass-disliking campaigns: Disabling the public dislike count can make it more difficult for coordinated efforts to artificially inflate the number of dislikes on a video through mass-disliking campaigns. This helps to maintain a fairer representation of a video’s reception and prevents manipulation of the platform.
      3. Encouraging constructive feedback: YouTube wants to promote a more positive and constructive environment for feedback. By removing the dislike count, the focus may shift towards providing helpful comments and feedback that can be more valuable to creators in improving their content.

      However, it’s important to note that the dislike button itself has not been removed. Users can still express their opinion by disliking a video, but the specific count is no longer publicly displayed.

      Opinions on this change vary among users and creators. Supporters believe that it can help protect creators and maintain a more positive atmosphere on the platform. Critics argue that it reduces transparency and hinders the ability to gauge a video’s overall reception.

      YouTube’s intention behind this change is to strike a balance between protecting creators and maintaining a constructive feedback system. The impact of this decision on the platform and its users is still being observed, and YouTube may make further adjustments based on feedback and user behavior.

      For the most accurate and up-to-date information, you may want to consult official YouTube announcements or resources.

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