Which countries use the Likee app the most?

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      Hello everyone, Today, one of my friends was talking about a new social media app named “Likee”. I hadn’t heard its name before. He said that it is very popular around the world. Do you use this app in your country? Is it very popular? I have been using well-known social media such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Is Likee as popular as these social media in your ton and country?

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      Hello Estephan32, Actually the likee app is very popular in many countries. Here is some information on the percent of the likee app members in some countries where more people use the likee app:
      Russia. 32.65% 13.26%
      Ukraine. 13.57% 16.67%
      United States. 10.63% 17.50%
      Mexico. 5.47% 3.63%
      France. 2.34% 15.86%

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