Is SEO paid or free?

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      Hallo from Austria!!
      My name is Katrina and I have a website to sell my products in the beauty industry.
      At the moment, My website’s visitors are very few in numbers, so I want to increase my visitors & sell more.
      I searched about “how to do that?” until I realized “the power of SEO” for increasing my conversion rate.
      Now I have a question:
      Is SEO paid or free?
      Can I increase my visitors by SEO, for free?

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      Hi Katrina!

      If we want to answer this question from a technical point of view, the answer will be that SEO is free. Because according to the knowledge you have about search engine optimization, you can place various links of your website in the Google results for free.

      It is worth noting that Google uses more than 200 factors to rank the links of content creators in SERP results.

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