How many views to get YouTube plaque?

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      Hi buddies!
      how many views are needed to get a plaque from YouTube? does anyone know?

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      Hello JJokocha! The number of views required to get a plaque from YouTube depends on the type of plaque you are referring to. Here are the subscriber milestones required for each type of plaque:

      • Silver Play Button – 100,000 subscribers
      • Gold Play Button – 1 million subscribers
      • Diamond Play Button – 10 million subscribers
      • Ruby Play Button – 50 million subscribers
      • Red Diamond Play Button – 100 million subscribers
      It’s important to note that these plaques are awarded based on the number of subscribers, not the number of views. However, having a large number of subscribers often correlates with a large number of views on a creator’s videos, so it’s common for creators who have received a plaque to also have high view counts on their videos.

      I hope this helps answer your question!

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