How does SEO make money?

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      Hi guys!
      I have engaged learning SEO for about 3 months. Now, I am more familiar with SEO than an amateur person!
      In the second step, I want to make money from my knowledge and skills in SEO.
      As far as I know, “learning something” is different with “making money from it”. On the other hand, I have learned SEO, but I don’t know how to make money from it!?
      In this forum, is there anyone to answer my question: “How does SEO make money?”

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      Hello dear member!

      SEOs can earn money in different ways. Among these methods, the following can be mentioned:

      • starting a personal blog and inserting banner ads inside of it
      • Affiliate marketing using online sale through a website
      • Working for different employers as an employee
      • Working as a freelancer with a personal brand
      • etc.
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