How do I view my channel in my YouTube Music account?

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      How do I view my channel (playlists etc.) in my YouTube Music account?

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      Hi Bill.

      To view your channel, playlists, and other content in your YouTube Music account, you can follow these steps:

      1 . Open the YouTube Music App:

      Launch the YouTube Music app on your mobile device. Make sure you are signed in with the Google account associated with your YouTube Music content.

      2 . Navigate to Your Library:

      Tap the “Library” icon at the bottom right of the screen. It looks like a musical note.

      3 . Access Your Playlists and Liked Songs:

      • Playlists: You will see your playlists under the “Playlists” tab. Tap on a playlist to view its contents.
      • Liked Songs: Under “Playlists,” you’ll find the “Liked songs” playlist where all the songs you’ve liked are stored.

      4 . View Your Channel:

      • To access your channel, tap your profile picture or icon in the top right corner of the screen.
      • From there, you can select “Your channel” to view your channel page.
      Remember that YouTube Music is designed for music content primarily, so you won’t see the same type of video content that you would on the main YouTube platform. Your channel in YouTube Music will primarily display your music-related playlists, liked songs, and any content you’ve uploaded to YouTube specifically as music videos or audio tracks.
      If you want to view your full YouTube channel with all your video content, you would need to go to the main YouTube app or website using the same Google account, as YouTube Music primarily focuses on music-related content.
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