How do I speed up Google indexing?

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      I own a website and I normally publish two or three articles on my website every day. Sometimes it takes more than a month for a page to get indexed by Google.

      How do I speed up Google indexing? Do you know any tips or tricks to speed up this process of getting indexed by google? Is there any detour and shortcut, or do I just have to be more patient?

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      Hello Nilah!

      Your question has a very long answer, but there are a number of steps you can take to increase the indexing speed of your website. For example:

      • Remove user-specific details from URLs. (URL parameters that don’t change the content of the page —like session ids or sort order—can be removed from the URL.)
      • Tune refresh interval. Tune refresh_interval (default 1 sec) according to your system requirements.
      • Disable replicas.
      • Use official clients.
      • Avoid frequent updates
        Design index mapping carefully.
      • Use analyzers carefully.
      • The page not only has to be valuable, but also unique.
      • Have a regular plan that considers updating and re-optimizing older content.
      • Remove low-quality pages and create a regular content removal schedule.
      • Make sure your robots.Txt file does not block crawling to any pages.
      • Check to make sure you don’t have any rogue no-index tags.
      • Make sure that pages that are not indexed are included in your sitemap.
      • Ensure that rogue canonical tags do not exist on-site.
      • Make sure that the non-indexed page is not orphaned.
      • Repair all no-follow internal links.
      • Make sure that you add powerful internal links.
      • Submit your page to google search console.
      • Use the rank math instant indexing plugin.
      Improving your site’s quality and its indexing processes means that it will be optimized to rank faster in a shorter amount of time
      It is worth noting that any of the above actions may be fatal for some projects, so research more about this.

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