How do I reset forgotten Instagram passwords?

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      Hi guys

      Recently, I’m having trouble logging into my Instagram account. They ask me for my password but I have forgotten my login password.

      How do I reset forgotten Instagram passwords?

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      Passwords are mandatory to access an account, whether it is on Instagram or any other platform. But what if you forget your Instagram account? Don’t worry, Instagram allows their users to recover passwords if they do not have your old password.

      Here are the methods if you forgot Instagram password:

      1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
      2. When you see the login page, click on “Forget password”.
      3. Enter your email or phone number to receive the reset password link and hit the “next” button.
      4. Next, click on “Send an email” to receive the link through your email.
      5. Open your email and click on the Instagram password link.
      6. There enter your new password and hit the “Reset Password” button.
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      Just click on the “forget password” and put your email or mobile number on which you are registered on Instagram. Then Instagram support will send you a code and from there you can reset your password and log in again.

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