How can I spot fake jobs on LinkedIn?

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      Hey everybody,

      I’m looking for new job positions on LinkedIn? How can I check to see if a job is real or fake? There are a lot of hustlers on the internet who deceive people. I want to avoid their trap. So, if any of you know how I can check a company to see if it is legitimate or not, I would really appreciate his/her help.

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      Hello, The first clue is: You can’t find them online.
      You should keep in mind that in the age of social media and the need to have a web presence, if you can’t find anything about the company through various Google searches, it’s another huge red flag. If the image is a stock photo or is for someone with a different name, it’s a scam profile. Of course there are other way to check the legitimacy of a company, but these are the first signs.

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