what is eli5? How to use eli5?

What does eli5 mean? + How to use eli5?


These days, everyone asks his/her smallest and most trivial questions from search engines like Google; But sometimes, if you search for a topic, you can not easily find the answer you really want. If you are not able to find the answer to your question on Google, you have come to the right place. In this article from “Twilintsok“, we are going to share the solution to this problem. So stay with us until the end

In a jiffy, you can access the most complex topics and concepts in a simple language through the Google search engine. It’s not difficult at all. In order to do that, you must use the “eli5” word when you search for a complex topic.

What is eli5?

But what is the story of this eli5?

This word is an abbreviation of this sentence: “Explain Like I’m Five”.

You are actually using the word “eli5” to tell Google that I am five years old.

How to use eli5?

Suppose you do not understand the complex structure of blockchain, then you go to Google search engine and type the word “eli5” in the search box before the word “blockchain”. So what we write in a Google search box to get a simple definition of blockchain is: “eli5 blockchain”.

Press Enter and see the result in SERP. Done!

eli5 blockchain (in Google search Engine)
eli5 blockchain (in Google search Engine)

Some other examples:

  • eli5 god
  • eli5 python
  • eli5 metavers
  • eli5 bts
  • eli5 bitcoin
  • eli5 cryptocurrency
  • eli5 inflation
  • eli5 kubernetes

At the end

It is worth noting that eli5 was previously a sub-reddit that has expanded over time and has been welcomed elsewhere.

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