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Hello Dominic! I understand how frustrating it can be when YouTube inundates you with excessive ads during video playback. Here are some suggestions that may help minimize the number of ads you encounter:

  1. YouTube Premium: Consider subscribing to YouTube Premium. This is a paid subscription service that offers an ad-free experience, among other benefits. With YouTube Premium, you can enjoy uninterrupted video playback without any ads.
  2. Skip or close ads: In some cases, YouTube allows you to skip ads after a few seconds. Look for the “Skip Ad” button that appears after the countdown. Additionally, some ads may have a “Close” button that you can click to dismiss the ad and resume watching the video.
  3. Use an ad blocker: Consider using an ad-blocking browser extension or software. Ad blockers can help prevent most ads from appearing during your YouTube video playback. However, please note that some content creators rely on ad revenue to support their work, so using an ad blocker may impact their ability to earn from their videos.
  4. Opt out of personalized ads: You can adjust your ad settings on YouTube to limit the number of personalized ads you see. Go to your Google Account settings, navigate to “Data & Personalization,” and find the “Ad personalization” section. From there, you can opt out of personalized ads or make adjustments to reduce the frequency of targeted ads.
  5. Report excessive ads: If you notice an unusually high number of ads during video playback, you can report it to YouTube. They have policies in place to prevent excessive ad frequency, and reporting such instances can help them identify and address any issues.
  6. Use YouTube on different devices or browsers: Sometimes, the frequency of ads can vary depending on the device or browser you’re using. Consider trying YouTube on different devices or browsers to see if the ad experience improves.
  7. Provide feedback to YouTube: YouTube values user feedback, so consider reaching out to YouTube support or using the feedback feature within the YouTube app or website. Provide specific details about the excessive ads you’re experiencing to help YouTube understand the issue and potentially make improvements.
Remember that while some ads can be intrusive, they play a crucial role in supporting content creators and the platform itself. By supporting creators through ads, you contribute to the availability of free content on YouTube.

I hope these suggestions help you minimize the number of ads during YouTube video playback. Let me know if you have any further questions or need additional assistance!