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Hello Simon! The YouTube channel with the most subscribers as of July 2023 is “T-Series“, an Indian music video channel, with over 240 million subscribers. However, T-Series is a corporate channel, and their subscriber count has been boosted by their large, existing audience in India.

The next highest subscribed channel is “YouTube Movies“, which has over 165 million subscribers.

Other highly subscribed channels include “Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes” (over 158 million subscribers), “SET India” (over 155 million subscribers), and “MrBeast” (over 149 million subscribers).

While studying these high-performing channels can provide useful insights and ideas, it’s important to remember that each channel is unique and what works for one channel may not necessarily work for another. It’s important to focus on creating content that is engaging, high-quality, and tailored to your target audience, and to use best practices for promoting your channel and videos such as optimizing titles, descriptions, and tags, and engaging with your viewers.